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I’ve 0 experience in boxing and very petite but that doesn’t stop me from attenting the classes as I genuinely find it fun! The training sessions can be challenging, but the sense of accomplishment you'll feel after is indescribable. Everyone is willing to help you if you are a beginner! Thank you Matt and River!!
L. Horan
River & Matt always made it feel like home for me since day 1 and I’m always grateful for finding a gym like this. If you’re looking for a gym with great atmosphere, environment and most importantly a place to hone your boxing skills, foxgloves is really really the place to be!! I have learnt so much about Boxing and can’t wait to continue my learning journey here and if you’re seeking to do the same, I wholeheartedly recommend it 🙂
K. Yeo
First time experiencing any form of combat sports. First off, impression of the gym is clean, bright and welcoming coupled with a variety of historic and current fighters hung up on the wall that instinctively gets you riled up to hit and train hard. When you enter the gym, you don’t feel just like a number, you feel like you’re entering someone’s home. You feel welcomed immediately. Moving on to the coaches, Matt, River and Hamad are exceptional people. Great leadership, knowledgeable, approachable and very patient. They are nice beings but they will push you to your limits, however, they also know when to stop when they think your safety is concerned. Foxgloves is my first gym, after some research, most other gyms seems alittle phony. Foxgloves knows what they’re doing and they WILL take care of you whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced person. If you’re thinking to start your journey in martial arts. Please at least give this gym a try. Highly recommended.
D. Ong
What's extremely unique about Foxgloves is the culture that's well-led by River & Matt - the community is respectful, there exists genuine care for one another's development & overall, just a sense of good vibes signature to the gym. The culture is the X-Factor you wouldn't expect when picking up fighting, but will be pleasantly surprised & wholly grateful it exists. When it comes down to training, Coach Matt is the real deal - sessions are always the right blend of duration, drills & practicality. For anyone considering a fight gym, give Foxgloves a go & be prepared to be amazed!
D. Thet Tin
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